Our Kosher Policy

What is Kosher?

Kosher is a very specific set of dietary restrictions followed by many Jews. To cater to those who keep kosher we have certain procedures that we follow in each of our apartments.


Sets of Dishes

Each one of our apartments comes with 3 sets of dishes, cutlery, and pots/pans: meat, milk, and non-kosher. All of the sets are clearly labeled in the kitchen and during check ins, a thorough explanation of the appropriate dishes to use will be given depending on your preferences.


How We Kasher

After the kitchen has been used with non-kosher dishes, we boil water in the microwave and on the burners, and burn out the oven. The apartments also come with a hot water urn and hot plate for Shabbat.


Important Note

Please note that we can only guarantee the kashrut of At Home in Israel’s apartments. We are not responsible for the kashrut and cannot guarantee the standards of apartments listed by other property managers or apartment owners.