Old Katamon


Old Katamon, built at the time of the British Mandate and known as the "Flower Garden of Jerusalem" is located between the neighborhoods of Talbiya to the north and the German and Greek Colonies to the east. The neighborhood of Old Katamon has a romantic, sentimental style. The area exemplifies Israel's tendency to mix the old with the new, showcasing beautiful Arab buildings from the early 20th century along side small, artistic houses with quaint yards and brand new, luxury apartment buildings. The picturesque mesh of cultures, combined with the winding narrow streets and beautiful landscape, makes Old Katamon very special. Like all neighborhoods in Jerusalem, the street names in Old Katamon follow a common theme that testifies to the neighborhood's rich history. The streets are named after important people and places related to the creation of the state of Israel such as "Ha-Palmach" and "Chaf-Tet B'November".


The stylish, cosmopolitan Emek Refaim Street sits right on the outskirts of Old Katamon. There, you will find cafes and restaurants to satisfy every palate and price range. Spend an afternoon shopping at the numerous trendy jewelry and gift shops, clothing boutiques, a supermarket, and even a health food store. All of this is located a mere 15-minute walk from the downtown district of Jerusalem and within walking distance of the Old City. Some of Old Katamon's major landmarks include the Goldstein Youth Village (Havat Hanoar Hazioni), Denmark and Hartman schools, and the Islamic Art Museum. The large San Simon Park in the middle of Old Katamon is another beautiful, must-see site. Come visit Old Katamon and immerse yourself in the finest Jerusalem has to offer.

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