Shaarei Chessed


Located on the border of Rechavia and Nachlaot, Shaarei Chessed is an older neighborhood rich with Jerusalem's history. The cornerstone was laid by the Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shmuel Salant, in 1909. At that time the neighborhood was built for the poor. Then in 1975 the renewal and renovation of Shaarei Chessed commenced. People began adding on to the small buildings to make bigger and more beautiful homes. Still the facades of the structures were protected to maintain the unique charm of the neighborhood. Some of the original buildings from the early 1900's are left completely unchanged in select sections of the neighborhood.


Shaarei Chessed today is a warm and wealthy neighborhood especially popular for the Orthodox community. Most of the new residents of the area are religious immigrants from Western and European countries as well as students and old Jerusalem families. Religious Jews are drawn to this neighborhood because of the many synagogues and yeshivot (centers for Torah Study) representing all different types of religious ideas and practice, including the most famous "Gra Shul." This is one of the only neighborhoods in central Jerusalem where the streets are closed on the Sabbath. Along the main street, Keren Kaymet L'Yisrael you will find a high school, pharmacies, and many cute shops and restaurants. With its proximity to the center of town and all of the hotels as well as the many new businesses, Shaarei Chessed has truly become a Jerusalem destination.

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